Easy Pencil Drawings: Simple Guide for Beginners

Do you want to draw easy pencil drawings and don’t know where to start? Or do you want to improve your drawing skills but don’t know how.

Don’t worry as everyone faces same issue when they start. One of the big questions on to minds of people is what to draw and how to draw. This post is simple answer to learn easy pencil drawings and scale it to higher level.

Pencil drawing is traditional method which requires good amount of skills to learn. Key to make perfect easy pencil drawings is to find best tools to use, step by step process to draw and ideas to convert it into reality.

In this post you will find relevant ideas and means to get you started as beginner and once you start picking up pace, pencil drawings will look much easier to draw.

Remember – WHERE THERE IS WILL THERE IS WAY. Now Let’s get started

Simple pencil drawing ideas


Easy pencil drawings - Eye Drawing

Drawing single eye is one of the easy pencil drawings and it will take some basic outlines and shading techniques to have decent realistic looking image.

Simple Girl 

Simple Girl Drawing

Drawing this will take only few minutes and it also requires less amount of efforts.  Just few basic outlines and shades will help you to make this simple easy drawing.


Easy pencil drawings - Lips Drawing

Drawing Lips is simple pencil drawing image. Drawing upper and lower lips outline and few simple shades in them is just what you need to make perfect pencil drawing for beginner.

Minion cartoon 

Easy pencil drawings - Minion Drawing

Drawing minions also require less effort as shown in photo where you can just copy the outline structure and draw in simple way. It simple to copy and you can add variations to it through different outlines and shading. You can also use color drawings for cartoon image so that it looks realistic.


Easy pencil drawings - Leaf Drawing

As shown in image, Leaf is also one of easy pencil drawings. You just have to make sure that you draw outlines matching the photo and do the shading in between to have realistic image.

Eagle Head

Easy pencil drawings - Eagle head Drawing

Drawing full bird may be difficult as beginner but drawing eagle head is comparatively easy. Drawing basic outlines and required shading will just do the task.


Scenary Drawing

Scenery with basic stuffs is also simple to draw. A shown in image Mountainous landscape along with wooden cabin and trees makes perfect drawing.


 Spoon Drawing

Drawing single spoon with little bit of artistry might look tricky but with practice this drawing can be easily done. It just requires good outline and good amount of shading.

Standing horse 

Standing Horse Drawing

Key to making standing horse drawing is to make perfect outline. This might be a bit tricky and will require good amount of practice.

These are simple image with which you can start drawings and for more ideas you can definitely visit easy drawing ideas.

Easy pencil drawings for beginners step by step

Choosing best pencils

Pencils are basic and most important tool for drawings. To start with graphite pencils can be used in drawings. There are different brands from which you can choose pencil from.

Each Pencil will have different grades. There are two components which most manufacturers use. One is H and other is B. Scale ranges from 9H to 9B.

9H gives light markings and 9B gives dark markings. Normally buying mix of grades will give you proper mix to make your set ready for easy pencil drawings.

One can start with simple one at home but as you move forward you should use sets containing different sets and start experimenting with them.

Choosing best paper

Papers used for drawing are smooth or Textured papers. For easy pencil drawings to start with smooth papers can be used but for shading Textured papers are best as it is easy to use wide range of shades.

As level keeps improving practicing on Textured papers become importance as you can use your drawing imagination in new level and convert it into reality through paper and pencil.

If you are beginner you can use office printer paper to practice but slowly you should move to more textured papers like Bristol papers.

These papers have wide range of series – 200, 300, 400 and 500 where 500 series papers will give you deepest and thickest shades.

How to start

For black and white drawings, First and foremost, you need to have an idea or image that you want to draw. You can choose from many ideas given in the article. As beginner one has to try with easy image like eye or lips.

Once you have the idea ready you need to start drawing outline step by step. For example, if you are trying eye, make sure that focus should be outline of one eye.

Eye Drawing outline

Remember that everything has to be divided into parts. For example, in case of eye you need to draw one oval shaped outline for eye structure and one round shaped outline for Eyeball.

Eye drawing outline with Eyebrows

After the basic outlines you need to draw other relevant outlines like eyebrow etc.

Eye shading

Once you have drawn outlines, then you can start shading. You have to tilt your pencil at an angle then rub tip of pencil side with paper to create shaping pattern. The harder you rub, darker it becomes.

Eye Drawing

Make sure that you have chosen appropriate pencil grade to create good drawing. Best way to get good drawing is to practice.

These are simple steps which can help you to start making easy pencil drawings. Scaling to high level will require good amount of practice. For learning more drawings visit drawing basics.

For detailed learning and step by step methods, you can visit where Expert Mr. Nolan has devised perfect method for easy and detailed learning.

Please remember that it is not rocket science to learn. Its just skills and practice that leads to perfection. If you practice step by step, pencil drawing can turn into perfect hobby.

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