Black and White Drawings: Simple Guide for beginners

It would not be strange to say that since time immemorial we have been drawing whether it is colorful pictures or black and white drawings.

Drawings are loved by everyone whether kids or grown-ups. However, in recent times people have started developing a taste for black and white drawings.

Black and white drawings are very similar to pencil drawings. Only difference is that ballpoint pens, inks, paints can also be used to draw in case of former while graphite pencil and charcoal can be used for both.

Drawing is a great skill to learn. Some have developed great passion towards it and some have made profession out of it. Learning black and white drawings is not difficult if you know how and where to start.

This post stands as starting point for basic learning and easy tricks to help you make quality drawings. You can learn and improve your basics and gradually you can scale to higher level black and white drawings.

Black and white drawings for beginners

If you want to just start and want some beginner level tips, keep reading the following:

Finding easy and right image

Start with easy images and drawings like eye, lips, scenery etc. Some of the examples will be shown later in the post regarding some simple ideas to start. Make sure to draw perfect drawing with little bit of practice.

Finding right mix of pencils, markers and ballpoint pens

You don’t need to worry that about having all of the above. In beginning you can start with pencils or ballpoint pens. Pencils have lots of grades which give varied amount of shading. So try to have good range of pencils. Scale ranges from 9H to 9 B and from lighter markings to darker markings.

In the starting try with different pencils. Slowly try blending in with ballpoint pens and markers. As a result different shades and different black markings will create wide range of options and will help in creating realistic and perfect black and white drawings.


After above steps, next step is drawing outlines. Remember that you don’t have to draw the outline in one go. Every figure can be divided in multiple small easy sub parts. We can draw light outlines of each sub parts. With practice you will have good touch in pencil control.

Shading and Marking

Next step is putting shades and marks in between and on outer side of outlines. Shades can stretch from light to dark. You have to try different shades as required. There are different shading techniques which when used in combination produce quality black and white drawings.

  • Hatching is shading parallel lines in one direction and is one of the most common shading techniques.
  • Cross hatching is drawing overlapping parallel line and produce great shading. It is used for drawing realistic life drawings.
  • Contour is drawing shades in curved structure.
  • Circulism shading is technique of drawing many circles in overlapping ways and is used for creating fine textures.

Black and white drawing designs

Here we discuss some of the basic and easy pencil drawings which you can find comfortable to start with:

Banana leaf

banana leaf black and white drawing

It is one of the simple black and white drawings. For beginners it can be good drawing to start. You just have to draw some basic outline and do shading with hatching technique.


Black and white Drawing of flower

Next one to try is flower. Flower design is also easy to draw. The main focus is petals and stem outline. Then you can try shading variations like combination of hatching and contour to make good picture.


Easy bird drawing                Drawing of bird

Here two bird drawings are given, one is easier and requires lighter shade. You can try out with easy one but as you practice and you start making progress, try to draw the other one.


Simple Girl black and white Drawing

Black and white drawing of girl can be tricky but it is not that much difficult to draw. It will take some practice and techniques to draw this kind of drawing.

These designs should be tried only when you have gained certain level of expertise. It should not be tried during beginner stage.


Panda black and white drawing

Drawing Perfect panda requires good amount of skill. You should try it after completing above drawings which will give your hand command for this type of drawing.

Black and White drawings of Flowers

Step – 1

Flower black and white drawing outline      black and white Drawing outline of flower

Start drawing the outline – As you can see in the image, outlines of flower are drawn in proper shape. Start with lighter outline and when shape is formed according to your desire then start darkening the outline so that it is clearly visible. You can use eraser in this case.

Step -2

Flower shading    Completing shading of flowers

Drawing of flower

Start shading part by part. In the above image you can see corners are shaded with help of hatching technique. Mix of dark and light shades are used. In central part of flower darker shade is used which creates god contrast and helps in creating realistic image.

After reading the post now you must have got good idea about black and white drawings, what are the tools with which we can start and as beginner what are the simple methods with which you can start the drawing. Well this is just beginning. Keep practicing and with time scale your skills.

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